Festival Events

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    Guest speakers at the historic State Theater
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But please check out our annual events below.  We will have more specific details coming soon!


– Visit the guest speakers at the historic State Theater

– Take a narrated tram ride through historic downtown Point Pleasant

– Listen to the live bands & entertainment

– There are plenty of kids activities, games, and entertainment as well!

– Run in the Mothman 5k

– Watch (or participate in) the Miss Mothman Pageant

– Take a narrated tour into the TNT area (HURRY!  They sell out fast!)

– Get on one of the TNT/Mothman hayrides

– Visit the vendors!  Lots of merchandise and food vendors at the festival (including the famous Mothman Pancakes)!

– Eat at Harris Steak House (AKA – The Mothman Diner)

– Take a tour of the historic (and some say haunted) Lowe Hotel

– Visit the Silver Bridge memorial

– Get you picture taken with Mothman and the Men in Black

– Take your picture with the famous Mothman Statue

– Take an aerial tour overtop of the TNT area from the Mason County Airport

– Visit the World’s Only Mothman Museum

…………….AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!