Festival Events

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Please check out our annual events below.  Want more info?  Visit the links provided next to the images below or visit us on our Facebook page where we are always posting new festival updates:  https://www.facebook.com/mothmanfestival


– Visit the guest speakers at the historic State Theater (http://mothmanfestival.com/speakers/ )









– Take a narrated tram ride through historic downtown Point Pleasant










– Listen to the live bands & entertainment at the Riverfront Park

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– There are plenty of kids activities, games, and entertainment as well!

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– Run in the Mothman 5k (for more info visit:  http://tristateracer.com/RaceDirector/race.php?RaceID=7972 )

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– Watch (or participate in) the Miss Mothman Pageant (for more info visit:  http://www.missmothmanfestivalpageant.com/2015pageantinfo.htm )

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– Take a narrated tour into the TNT area.  HURRY!  They sell out fast! :  http://mothmanfestival.com/tours/










– Get up close and personal in the TNT Area on the TNT/Mothman hayrides (tickets go on sale the morning of the festival at the Info tent in front of the Mothman Statue and hayrides take place up the road at the Mason County Farm Museum)

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– Visit the vendors!  Lots of Mothman related merchandise and many different types of food vendors at the festival!  Intersted in being one?  Check out our vendor application and info here:  http://mothmanfestival.com/vendors/

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– Eat at Harris Steak House (AKA – The Mothman Diner):  http://mothmanfestival.com/harris-steakhouse/

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– Take a tour of the historic (and some say haunted) Lowe Hotel

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– Visit the Silver Bridge memorial

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 8.24.49 AM











– Get you picture taken with Mothman and the Men in Black

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– Take your picture with the famous Mothman Statue

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.17.32 AM











– Take an aerial tour overtop of the TNT area from the Mason County Airport (for more info call:  304.675.7765)

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– Visit the World’s Only Mothman Museum:  http://mothmanmuseum.com

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– Take a horse drawn wagon ride down Main Street, just $5 per person.

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– Zip on down our 200 foot Zip Line!

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– Watch the Mothman Prophecies at the Historic State Theater on Saturday evening at 8 pm (admission is free and concessions will be available for purchase).

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– Take a selfie with the West Virginia Ghostbusters Division


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– Check out the many historical sites in Point Pleasant including the river murals depicting the Battle of Point Pleasant.


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…………….AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!