Jeff Wamsley

Co-Founder/Festival Director

Jeff was born and raised in Point Pleasant, growing up on the infamous 30th Street during the November 1966 Mothman phenomenon. Jeff has been featured on many televsion shows, print publications and is the author of two books, Mothman: The Facts Behind The Legend and Mothman: Behind The Red Eyes. Jeff and Carolin started the Festival in 2002 in response to the increasing public interest in the Mothman mystery, and to celebrate the release of the the Hollywood movie The Mothman Prophecies, loosely based on the John Keel’s book of the same title.


Carolin Harris

Co-Founder/Festival Co-Director

Carolin is a native of Point Pleasant and owns the popular Harris Steak House on Main St., colloquially referred to as “The Mothman Diner”, in which the diner shown in the feature-length film The Mothman Prophecies was based off of. Carolin and Jeff Wamsley started the Mothman Festival in 2002 amidst increasing public interest and awareness of the Mothman mystery and to celebrate the release of the Hollywood film.


Josh King

Marketing Manager

Josh joined the team in 2008, revamping and redeveloping the Mothman Festival website, orchestrating a Social Media campaign that gained over 4,000 likes on Facebook and numerous Twitter followers, and managing the PR, press and media operations, as well as conducting evening tours during the Festival.


Ashley Wamsley-Watts

Social Media Manager/Tour Manager

If you’ve ever been on a bus tour during the Festival, you’ve probably met Ashley. In addition to running a successful photography business, she manages the Social Media operations of the Mothman Festival, as well as conducting and managing the ever popular bus tours during the Festival.

Jeremy Pitchford

Mothman Museum Manager

If you have ever visited the Mothman Museum, chances are that you’ve met Jeremy.  In addition to running the day-to-day operations of the Mothman Museum, Jeremy manages the creation, sale, inventory and logistics of official apparel sold at the Mothman Festival.